Having completed my Frozen ATPL with Multiflight, Leeds Bradford, in March 2008 and I entered the first officer job market. It was clear from talking to my peers that the only option for minimum hours pilots was to either work as a PPL instructor or make the difficult decision to pay for a type of rating.

I researched all the options worldwide for Airbus A320 type ratings basing my decision on a balance of cost, quality of training and employment potential after the course was completed. With those reasons in mind I chose the Fly A320/EasyJet course.

The type rating course was a mixture of CBT and classroom based training with 9 full motion simulator sessions and 2 fixed base. The excellent training department at easyJet carried out the proportion of training and gave a valuable insight into the company and its training practices. After successfully passing my LST I moved onto base and line training with easyJet at London Stansted Airport.

The line training segment comprised of 150 hours flying with training captains following the standard easyJet line training syllabus. The learning curve was high but ultimately rewarding. I’m glad to say I passed the final line check.

Sadly due to the recession the job market faltered and despite numerous positive conversations and a couple of interviews I failed to find work over the winter. However in February I learned I had been lucky enough to be selected for a summer contract with easyJet. I’m now coming to the end of this contract and I have over 500 hours on type and the number of companies hiring A320 first officers is increasing as the world economy recovers.

Although my route into the right hand seat has not been easy I do believe if I had carried out my type rating a year or two earlier I would of gained immediate employment. The future is positive and I believe as the economy recovers there is no better time to carry out a type rating.

Ed Morris


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