After completing my CPL/ME/IR at Stapleford flying centre, I felt the next step for me in order to achieve my ambition, as a career in an airline was to carry out a Type Rating. I heard about the TRTO through information from people that a rating scheme on the Airbus A320 with Easyjet line training was available. I was very interested in a unique type rating to fly an airbus with a popular airline and instantly decided that this would be a great step and advantage for me.

Communication, Information and organisation were at a professional standard with Jonathan Curd and the relevant forms; payments and documentation were correctly reviewed and accurately processed. The receiving of all type rating books and course material arrived quickly and promptly in advance to allow good preparation before the course commencement in Amsterdam.

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, Accommodation was at a good, conveniently located position for living, training and studying environment with easy access to transport to and from the simulator centre. The training centre was a fantastic, modern, clean and friendly place to work in. It offered a wide range of study classrooms with 24 hour access to CBT (Computer based training) for technical training and mock flight decks for aircraft familiarisation. Simulator training was conducted in a very organised, structured and professional manner with experienced, supportive, friendly, motivated Easyjet Instructors that made teaching an enjoyable but intense experience offering excellent presentations, computerised sim videos and exercise notes. All necessary tests and examinations were quickly completed with high results and achievements.

Shortly after I commenced the Line training with Easyjet conducted from London Stansted Airport and Lyon that allowed me to work on a diverse route network with a company that offers excellent professional training in a friendly and well-organised way. My operational and technical knowledge was greatly enhanced being on the line developing aircraft experience and handling throughout.

I enjoyed every second working for a fantastic airline and thanks to Jon, his TRTO & Easyjet, it has given me the opportunity to become a full-time first officer for Aer Lingus based at London Gatwick on the Airbus A320 & 321.

Jamie Butler

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