The training for the Type Rating was second to none, all the instructors took the time to make sure we understood and got the most out of each and every session. We were advised by the Head of Training to work hard and put the time into study and on the rare occasions we did get truly stuck, instructors at the TRTO were always available on the phone to answer any questions we may have had in relation to the training.

It was also extremely reassuring knowing that rather than being a single entity doing a type rating course at a TRTO where I didn't know anybody, I had the support of a company behind me who was willing to intervene at any time if I felt that things were not going the right way.

As I was nearing the completion of my training the TRTO advised me that there was a possibility of employment with one of their partner airlines which I was overjoyed with. Even with the whole industry in a massive downturn with redundancies everywhere, The TRTO managed to secure my first paid job in the industry for which I am eternally grateful to them for.

Even after having completed my training and now being employed, Fly A320 are still a pillar of support and are still looking out for my best interests, keeping me appraised of any future employment opportunities that may arise - continuing the care and commitment they made to me over 18 months ago.

I realise that schemes such as this have recently come under a lot of fire, but if I were asked to make the same decision again I would happily make exactly the same choices. Without Fly A320 I would still be a low hours pilot along with the many thousands out there, looking for a job that let me fly. Fly A320 have allowed me to realise my ambitions and dreams and have assisted me in achieving my goal to be employed in the right hand seat as an A320 First Officer.

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts on my behalf!

Darvinder Kang


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