An employee of a major UK training provider recommended the scheme to me. After completing integrated training in the summer of 2006 it had become clear that gaining employment was going to be made a lot easier with the aid a type rating. My concern with this was that after investing a large amount in initial training to do the same with a type rating without the guarantee of a job seemed extremely risky.

This was where the main appeal lay in what the TRTO were offering. Granted there was no guaranteed job, but in the current climate this was understandable. What was offered was the opportunity to continue through after the sim and base training and spend 150 online flying the aircraft.

After first contact with the training company I was still a little cautious, after all it was still a relatively young company and as previously mentioned it would take a large investment. However after meeting Jonathan Curd the Head of Training at my simulator assessment my concerns were put to rest and replaced with excitement at the opportunity that lay ahead.

The course that I completed was the easyjet program, throughout the simulator and up to the base training I felt as though I was getting the best training possible. The line training was of an equally high standard. Using my new skills in a real life environment was invaluable and in an extremely competitive market I felt as though I was getting one foot on the ladder in regards to future employment.

After a great few months flying with easyjet I had completed my 150 hours and training came to an end. The TRTO then worked extremely hard over the winter to try and find my colleges and me a placement, this was a winter in which it was difficult to gain employment in any working sector.

In January 09 I was told that there was a further opportunity to work a six-month summer contract with easyjet. I am coming to the end of that contract now and will be finishing with the ‘magic’ 500 hours on type.

I have been in contact with the TRTO now for almost two years. They have been a pleasure to work with and throughout have always delivered on what has been promised.

Paul Gibson A320/FO


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