I would like to go on the record and show my appreciation to both the TRTO and Jonathan Curd for all the help I have received. The company was recommended to me as a way into my chosen career as an airline pilot. In today’s world most airlines will not consider any pilot unless they have a type rating and line training under their belt.

The whole process of a type rating is incredibly hard but the TRTO and the Head of Training rewards hard work and commitment with support and advice that will provide the necessary experience to open the doors of opportunity in this fiercely competitive career.

I am currently working as a contract pilot with the airline I did my training with through the TRTO, I have worked very hard to maintain a cleaner than clean training record and with the help and support of the company I feel that this will further my chances of a full time position.

I am now in the position that given my experience on a jet, airlines are putting me well in front of other pilots with more hours but no type rating. The TRTO delivered on all their promises to me and I am happy to recommend them as a way of starting a career as a jet pilot!

Philip Bradley

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