I am writing this letter as a reference and appraisal based on my experience training with the company.
I joined the a320 training program in May 2008 after completing my CPL, ME IR and MCC course with stapleford flight centre in Essex.

I decided to do a type rating on the airbus a320 as I felt it would be the best possible opportunity for a job in the airline industry. I believe that without a type rating it would have been increasingly difficult to be selected by an airline or obtain a job flying a jet.

I started my type rating in June 2008 with the TRTO on the airbus A320 series where it involved me being assessed initially and on successful completion of the assessment travelling to Amsterdam to complete the CBT and type rating skills test after the fixed base and full motion sim details. During this time I felt that the organisation support structure and training from the outset was excellent. The scheme was run by Capt. J. Curd who I was extremely impressed with. This was due to his professional approach and extensive knowledge of the airbus along with his positive outlook for me to succeed. This positive and constructive training I received helped me so much during the fixed base and full flight sim sessions. I believe this was an essential part of my success on the airbus and I have Jonathan and the TRTO to thank for this.

I completed my type rating with the ten scheduled sim details and went on to fly base training with easyJet at Stansted which was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I then went on to complete 150 hours of line flying at Stansted and a successful line check.
Based on my competence flying the airbus I was invited back to fly with Easy Jet again this summer and I am now a qualified first officer flying at London Gatwick with nearly 600 hours on type.

In summary the TRTO program is an intensive type rating course with good communication, well run and well managed designed to give you what you need: A job in the airline industry.

I hope this is some help thanks for reading!

Kind Regards

Rod Johnson


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